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About Us

About the Association

The Cambrian Archaeological Association was founded in 1846 and it is a registered charity (no. 216249). Its charitable objects are ‘to examine, preserve and illustrate the ancient monuments and remains of the history, language, manners, customs, arts and industries of Wales and the Marches and to educate the public in such matters’.

Since its foundation the Association has published an annual journal, Archaeologia Cambrensis (free to members) which has contained articles by the foremost scholars of the day on historical documents, architectural history, family history and archaeological monuments, finds and excavations.

Alongside its role as a publisher of important historical records and new thinking the Association has always seen itself as a society of like-minded friends who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the past. The summer meetings of the Association were very notable gatherings in the nineteenth century and they continue to be so today.

The Association holds two meetings each year, a week in mid-summer and an autumn weekend, visiting sites and monuments in all parts of Wales and, on occasions, in England, Ireland and abroad. Easter conferences with lectures on matters of current concern in history and archaeology are held on a bi-annual basis. It arranges a lecture in Welsh at the National Eisteddfod each year.

The Association is also involved in promoting an interest in the past among the young by sponsoring an essay / project prize - the Blodwen Jerman prize - for school children and students. The Association offers grants towards research and excavation, but it does not itself conduct excavations. It also has a fund to make small grants to students.


Organisation and Contacts

A recent visit to the Carmarthen Area

A recent visit to the Caernarvon Area