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The publication of Archaeologia Cambrensis is the flagship of the Association’s work. Since 1846, when it was almost the only journal dealing with Welsh history and antiquities, it has published accounts of all the important work being carried out and has been in the forefront of academic trends. The early volumes where a lot of original historical documents were published in their first edited versions, are particularly important, but significant excavations and discussions of major new topics such as industrial archaeology and garden history have been published in more recent decades.


In addition to the annual journal, Supplements, such as Edward Llwyd’s Parochialia and Skinner’s Tour through Anglesea (now reprinted privately) have been published and a series of major Welsh excavation reports – the Cambrian Monograph Series was produced in the 1970s and 1980s.

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New Publication

Only one person was in for a surprise at the Reception at Bangor University on the first evening of this year's Summer Meeting in Anglesey none other than Frances Lynch Llewellyn, the organizer! She was presented with a copy of a Festschrift in her honour, edited by Bill Britnell and Bob Silvester.

Many contributors were there, including a contingent from Ireland again to her complete surprise. Following the presentation, several contributors got to their feet and made extempore personal appreciation of Frances's work. An order form will be going out with the 2013 Newsletter but meanwhile here is a chance to order the book for yourself or as a Christmas present.

Reflections on the Past - Essays in honour of Frances Lynch ORDER FORM (in PDF format - opens in a new window).