April 4, 2018

Archaeologia Cambrensis

The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association

The Association was founded in 1846 and published the first volume of Archaeologia Cambrensis in that year. In the Preface the editors hoped ‘that we have struck a chord in the hearts of Welsh antiquaries … and that by describing and illustrating the antiquities of our dear native land, we shall meet with the lasting support and sympathy of all’. These sentiments are still held today, more than 160 years later.


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The contents of volumes 149 (2000) onwards are available digitally on the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website with the exception of the three most recently published volumes at any one time.

Links and search facilities are also provided on the ADS website to the contents of the volumes for 1849–1999 which are mounted in two sections of the National Library of Wales ‘Welsh Journals’ website, one for the volumes for 1846-1899 – https://journals.library.wales/browse/2919943 and one for the volumes for 1900-1999 –  https://journals.library.wales/browse/4718179

A number of other special publications of the Cambrian Archaeological Association are also available digitally on the NLW website.

There are four published indexes of the journal, for 1846-1900, 1901-1960, 1961-1980, and 1981-2000, of which the three most recent volumes are still in print (see publications for sale). More recent volumes each contain a separate index.


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The contents of volumes since 2000 are given below and these now contain an index.


Volume 172 (2023)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the contributors, vi

Notes on the President, viii

Presidential Address: Out from the Darkness and Into the Light: the significance of Welsh caves to Palaeolithic archaeology. By Elizabeth A. Walker, 1–31

Excavations in advance of the Four Crosses bypass, Powys, 2010. By Ian Grant and Nigel W. Jones, 33–85

Castell Nadolig hillfort and the Penbryn spoons: a new investigation. By Toby Driver, 87–136

Domesday and Castles: Patterns of continuity and change in north-east Wales. By Rachel E. Swallow, 137–168

Caerdroia: Turf Mazes in Wales. By Jonathan Mullard, 169–180

Interpreting the Heritage of Wales and Monmouthshire: Guidebooks for Monuments in State Guardianship, from the Office of Works to Cadw. By David W. J. Gill. 181–197

Two Cambrians in Brittany: Half a Century of Research. By Gwyn Meirion-Jones and Michael Jones, 199–230

Reviews, 231–275

Obituary: David Longley, 277

The 168th Summer Meeting: Ribble Valley, 4–9 July 2022, 278–293

Autumn Meeting: Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, 12–14 September 2022, 293–297

Historic landscape ‘walks and talks’, 2022, 298–300

Darlith yr Eisteddfod 2022: Sut mae cyflwyno safle hanesyddol i ymwelwyr? Gan Andrew Green, 301–309

Cambrian Christmas lecture, 2022, 309–310

Darganfod online conference 2023, 311–312

Grants and Awards, 312–315

Abbreviated Financial Statement, 2022, 316

Board of Trustees. 2022–23, 317–318

Subscriptions, 318

Publications for sale, 318–319

Online resources, 319–320

Index, 321–328


Volume 171 (2022)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the Contributors, v

Notes on the President, viii

Presidential Address: ‘Let use be preferred to uniformity’: the study of vernacular architecture in Wales. By Eurwyn Wiliam, 1-20

Skeletal remains from Parc le Breos Cwm and Cat Hole Cave: a case of mistaken identity. By M. Wysocki, E. A. Walker, R. Jacobi and A. Whittle, 21-28

The discovery and investigation of the Roman road west of Carmarthen. By Kenneth Murphy and Nigel Page, 29-72

Early medieval metalwork from south-east Wales: patterns and potential. By Mark Redknap, 73-114

A charter of Joan, Lady of Wales, wife of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth. By Christopher Jobson and David Stephenson, 115-124

Recent work on the precinct of Cwmhir Abbey, Radnorshire. By David Austin and Julian Ravest, 125-152

Contextualising re-conceptions: the Anglo-Saxon palace and Anglo-Norman castle in the royal vill of Farndon, Cheshire. By Rachel E. Swallow, 153-186

Quirt Farm, Dwyran, Llangeinwen, Anglesey. A Cistercian monastic grange chapel and a seventeenth-century and later house. By Andrew Davidson and Robert Evans, 187-204

Excavations at St Ishmael deserted medieval settlement, Carmarthenshire. By Frances Murphy and James Meek, 205-232

Derwen’s healing well. A history of Ffynnon Pyllau Perl, alias Ffynnon Sarah (Sara) and Ffynnon Saeran. By Janet Bord, 233-244

Commercial nineteenth-century commercial rabbit farming in the Brecon Beacons. By R. J. Silvester, 245-264

 Reviews, 265-300

Obituary: Muriel Chamberlain, 301-302

Historic landscape ‘walks and talks’, 2021, 303-307

Reports on Meetings, 307-324

Cambrian Christmas Lecture, 2021, 324-326

Grants and Awards, 326-328

Abbreviated Financial Statement, 2021, 329

Board of Trustees 2021–22, 330-331

Subscriptions, 331

Publications for sale, 331-332

Online resources, 332-334

Index, 335-344


Volume 170 (2021)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the Contributors, v–vii

Notes on the President, ix–x

Presidential Address: Bretons in Medieval Lincolnshire: The Honour of Richmond and other connections, 1066–1399. By Michael Jones, 1–61

A Roman millstone from the Walton Basin, Radnorshire. By John Cruse and Nigel W. Jones, 63–65

Carreg Cennen Castle Cave, Carmarthenshire: a review of work undertaken by T. C. Cantrill in 1900.By Elizabeth A. Walker, Evan M. Chapman, David Chivall, Katie Faillace, Poppy Hodkinson, Richard Madgwick and Hannah J. O’Regan, 67–76

Ffos y mynach, St David’s: an exploration and a biography of the Monk’s Dyke. By Blaise Vyner, 77–110

Corn-drying kilns in Wales: a review of the evidence. By Rhiannon Comeau and Steve Burrow, 111–149

A possible monastic cemetery at Cwmhir Abbey, Powys. By Nigel W. Jones and Toby Driver, 151–157

The Romanesque fabric of Llandaff Cathedral. By Malcolm Thurlby, 159-191

The Great Gatehouse at Harlech Castle. By Jeremy Ashbee, 193–229

The stone font at Llandygwydd: a brief biography. By Tim Palmer, 231–235

Further thoughts on Ewloe Castle. By Craig Owen Jones, 237–250

Mapping ‘Flemish’ settlements: Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) survey at the villages of Wiston (Pembrokeshire) and Whitson (Monmouthshire). By Gerben Verbrugghe, 251–274

Reviews, 275–306

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2020, 307–313

The Cambrian Archaeological Association’s 175th Anniversary, 315–330

The Cambrians during ‘Lockdown’, 331–332

Darganfod – Discovery: a celebration of new archaeological research in Wales, 335–340

Grants and Awards, 341–342

Abbreviated Financial Statement 2020, 343

Officers 2019–20, 344–345

Subscriptions, 346

The Association’s Library, 346

Publications for sale, 346–347

Online resources, 347–348

Index, 349–357


Volume 169 (2020)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the contributors, v–vi

Notes on the President, vii–iii

Presidential Address: Afterlives: reinventing early medieval sculpture in Wales. By Nancy Edwards, 1–29

Six millennia and counting: a prehistoric ‘persistent place’ at Penpant, north Pembrokeshire. By Andrew David, 31–62

The ‘Pecked Stone’, Trelleck, Monmouthshire: the siting of a former standing stone. By Martin J. Powell, 63–69

Pre-Iron Age domestic buildings in Wales. By Steve Burrow, 71–103

In the land of Beulah: the Roman military complex at Caerau, Breconshire. By Richard Hankinson and William Britnell, 105–125

Roman settlement and industry along the Dee Estuary: recent discoveries at Pentre Ffwrndan, Flintshire. By Nigel W. Jones, 127–163

Prydydd y Moch, Ellesmere, and Llywelyn ab Iorwerth’s Shropshire campaigns. By Craig Owen Jones, 165–176

Castell Carndochan: survey and excavation 2014–17. By David Hopewell, 177–207

St David’s arm at Leominster. By David Stephenson, 209–212

Ruthin Castle: illustrating the past. By Will Davies, Chris Jones-Jenkins and Sian Rees, 213–223

The persistence of rood lofts in Welsh churches. By Rose Pipes, 225–256

A disc wheel from Wern-y-wig, Dolanog, near Welshpool, Powys. By Mark Redknap, 257–264

William Williams, an eighteenth-century Welsh land surveyor. By Robert Silvester and John Hawkins, 265–290

Reviews, 291–322

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2019, 323–329

Obituary (John Lewis), 331–354

Reports on Meetings, 333–346

Grants and Awards, 347–348

Abbreviated Financial Statement 2019, 349

Officers 2019–20, 350–351

Subscriptions, 352

The Association’s Library, 352

Publications for sale, 352–3

Online resources, 353–354

Index, 355–368


Volume 168 (2019)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the contributors, v–vi

Notes on the President, vii–iii

Presidential Address: Maritime archaeology and Wales: some cross-disciplinary currents. By Mark Redknap, 1–33

Tinkering with the dead: taphonomic analysis of human remains from Tinkinswood chambered tomb, Wales. By Jess E. Thompson, 35–57

A landscape revisited: recent work on Roman sites in the Walton Basin, Radnorshire. By William J. Britnell and Nigel W. Jones, 59–98

Clawdd Mawr cross-ridge dyke, near Abergwynfi: new evidence for its construction and date By Cai Mason, 99–107

Excavation of the Ty’n-y-Coed earthworks 2011–14: the Dinas Powys ‘Southern Banks’. By Andy Seaman and Alan Lane, 109–135

Early medieval cemeteries at Llanbedrgoch and Llaniestyn, Anglesey. By Robert T. J. Evans and Bethan M. Jones, 137–151

Living the dream: the legend, lady and landscape of Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, North Wales By Rachel E. Swallow, 153–195

Gresham revisited again. By Brian Gittos and Moira Gittos, 197–227

‘Receiving scorn and mocking’: the iconography of the Christ aux outrages in Wales and the Western European tradition. By John Morgan-Guy, 229–243

The architecture, patronage and date of St Winefride’s Well, Holywell. By Rick Turner, 245–275

Reviews, 277–306

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2018, 307–314

Obituaries (Tony Carr, Michael T. Coombe), 315–316

Reports on Meetings, 317–339

Grants and Awards, 339–343

Abbreviated Financial Statements 2018, 344

Officers 2017–18, 345–346

Subscriptions, 347

The Association’s Library, 347

Publications for sale, 347–348

Online resources, 348

Index, 349–360



Volume 167 (2018)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the contributors, v–vii

Notes on the President, viii

Presidential Address: ‘Castles in the Air and cottages on the rock’: Iolo Morganwg (1747 – 1826) as stonemason and builder. By Prys Morgan, 1 –17

The Dyffryn Lane and Hindwell Neolithic cursuses and other cursus monuments in Wales. By William J. Britnell and Nigel W. Jones, 19 –67

Prehistoric settlement activity at Bolton Hill, Pembrokeshire. By James Brightman, Ben Johnson, Adam Tinsley and Clive Waddington, 69–94

Llandegai A – sanctuary or settlement? By Alex Gibson, 95–108

Llandegai excavations 1966–67: further thoughts on interpretations. By Frances Lynch, 109–112

A Late Bronze Age ring-fort at Bayvil Farm, Pembrokeshire. By Mike Parker Pearson, Chris Casswell and Kate Welham, 113–141

The Romano-British villa at Abermagwr, Ceredigion: excavations 2010–15. By Jeffrey L. Davies and Toby Driver, 143–219

Early medieval enclosure at Glanfred, near Llandre, Ceredigion. By Iestyn Jones, Daryl Williams and Sam Williams, 221–243

Carn Goedog medieval house and settlement, Pembrokeshire. By Duncan Schlee, Rhiannon Comeau, Mike Parker Pearson and Kate Welham, 245–255

The Carmelites in medieval Wales. By David H. Williams, 257–278

Review article: Swansea in 1290. By David Stephenson, 279–284

Reviews, 285–308

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2017, 309–316

Obituary (Joan Beck), 317–348

Reports on Meetings, 318–341

Grants and Awards, 341–343

Abbreviated Financial Statements 2017, 344

Officers 2016–17, 345–346

Subscriptions, 347

The Association’s Library, 347

Publications for sale, 347–348

Online resources, 348

Index, 349–360


Volume 166 (2017)

Editorial note, iv

Notes on the contributors, v–vii

Notes on the President, viii–ix

Presidential Address: ‘‘Those proud, ambitious heaps”: whither castle studies? By John Kenyon, 1 –31

Neolithic palisaded enclosures of Radnorshire’s Walton Basin. By Nigel W. Jones and Alex M. Gibson, 33 –88

Land use and environmental history of Waun Llanfair, an upland landscape above Penmaenmawr, North Wales. By Astrid E. Caseldine, Catherine J. Griffiths, John Griffith Roberts, George Smith and John Llywelyn Williams, 89 –140

Excavations at the Castell Mawr Iron Age hillfort, Pembrokeshire. By M. Parker Pearson, C. Casswell and K. Welham, 141 –173

The newly-identified Roman fort and settlement at Wiston, Pembrokeshire. By James Meek, 175 –212

Early medieval settlement and field systems at Rhuddgaer, Anglesey. By David Hopewell and Nancy Edwards, 213 –242

New light on a dark deed: the death of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales. By David Stephenson, 243 –252

The Great Gatehouse, Kidwelly Castle: its history, construction and function (1388—1422). By Stephen Priestley and Rick Turner, 253 – 297

The Shire Hall, Denbigh. By Susan Fielding, 299 –321

Review article: seals in medieval Wales. By David Stephenson, 323–331

Reviews, 332–360

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2016, 361–367

Obituaries (Robert Geraint Gruffudd; Geoffrey J. Wainwright), 368–371

Reports on Meetings, 371–418

Grants and Awards, 418–419

Abbreviated Financial Statements 2016, 420

Officers 2016–17, 421–422

Subscriptions, 423

The Association’s Library, 423

Publications for sale, 423

Online resources, 424

Index, 425–438


Volume 165 (2016)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v-vi.

Notes on the President. vii.

Reconstructing the upland landscapes of medieval Wales. By David Austin. 1‒19.

A Roman settlement at Tai Cochion, Llanidan, on Anglesey. By David Hopewell. 21‒112.

Bronze Age settlement and early medieval cemetery at Arfryn, Bodedern, Anglesey. By John D. Hedges. 113‒185.

New discoveries of early medieval carved stones in Wales. By Nancy Edwards. 187‒199.

Illuminating Lesser Garth Cave, Cardiff: the human remains and post-Roman archaeology in context. By Richard Madgwick, Mark Redknap and Brian Davies. 201‒229.

‘A sumptuous hunting lodge’: a Time Team evaluation at Llangibby Castle, near Usk, Monmouthshire, South Wales. By Steve Thompson. 231‒240.

The history and digital reconstruction of Holt Castle, Denbighshire. By Rick Turner and Chris Jones-Jenkins. 241‒282.

Reviews. 283‒302.

Periodical Literature on Wales, 2015. 303‒307.

Obituary [Nansi Mascetti]. 308.

Reports on Meetings. 309‒342.

Grants and Awards. 343‒4.

Financial Statements 2015. 345.

Officers 2015–16. 346‒347.

Subscriptions. 348.

The Association’s Library. 348.

Publications for sale. 348‒349.

Online resources. 349.

Index. 350‒360.



Volume 164 (2015)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii.

Presidential Address: ‘Roman Wales: past, present and future’. By William Manning. 1-24.

‘Two Bronze Age cremation groups at Coity Link Road , Bridgend’. By Andy Richmond, Karen Francis and Elaine L. Morris. 25-35.

‘Survey and excavation of multi-period sites at Crugiau Cemmaes, Nevern, Pembrokeshire, 2009-13’. By Frances Murphy and Ken Murphy. 37-56.

‘Chronology and phasing at Pumsaint: the pottery from the 1972 excavations’. By Barry C. Burnham and Peter V. Webster. 57-88.

‘Recent work in the environs of Brecon Gaer Roman fort’. By Richard Hankinson, Joe Lewis, Evan Chapman, Hugh Toller, Peter Webster, Wendy Owen and Bob Silvester. 89-130.

‘The Roman cremation cemetery at Ultra Pontem, Caerleon: the Coed site’. By Julie Reynolds. 131-200.

‘Julius and Aaron ‘Martyrs of Caerleon’: in search of Wales ‘ first Christians’. By Andy Seaman. 201-219

‘ “Devoured with the sands”: a Time Team evaluation at Kenfig’. By Naomi Brennan. 221-229.

‘Apsidal and D-shaped towers of the Princes of Gwynedd’. By Hugh Brodie. 231-243.

‘A reconsideration of the siting, function and dating of Ewloe castle’. By David Stephenson. 245-253.

Reviews. 255-268.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2014. 269-274.

Reports on Meetings. 275-313.

Grants and Awards. 307.

Financial Statements 2014. 309

Officers 2014-15. 310-311

Subscriptions. 312.

The Association’s Library. 312.

Publications for sale. 312.

Index. 315- 25



Volume 163 (2014)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii.

Presidential Address: ‘In the footsteps of princes: conservation and national identity’. By Sian E. Rees . 1-21.

‘Mesolithic human and animal footprints at Lydstep Haven, Pembrokeshire, 2010: the environmental context’. By Ken Murphy, Astrid E. Caseldine, Louise Barker, Susan Fielding, Steve Burrow and Sarah Carlsen. 23-41.

‘Hunter-gatherers in the Western Cleddau valley, Pembrokeshire, west Wales ‘. By Andrew David and Tim Painter. 43-98.

‘ Snail Cave rock shelter, North Wales : a new prehistoric site ‘. By George Smith and Elizabeth A. Walker. 99-131,

‘Burnt mounds along the Milford Haven to Brecon gas pipeline, 2006-07’. By Jonathan Hart, James Rackham, Seren Griffiths and Dana Challinor. 133-172.

‘Llancayo Farm Roman marching camp, Usk, Monmouthshire’. By Oliver Davis and Toby Driver. 173-184.

‘Fasti Cistercienses Cambrenses’. By David H. Williams. 185 – 235.

‘Two notes on Edmund Jones’s Relations of Apparitions’. By Simon Young. 237-243.

‘The mystery of the two marble monuments: an archaeological investigation’. By Pat McClure. 245-258.

Reviews. 259-271.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2013. 272-277.

Obituaries [ Lawrence Butler ; Trefor Meredith Owen]. 278-281.

Reports on Meetings. 281-306.

Grants and Awards. 307-308.

Financial Statements 2013. 309.

Officers 2013-14. 310-311.

Subscriptions. 312.

The Association’s Library. 312.

Publications for sale. 312-313.

Welsh place-names in Archaeologia Cambrensis. 315-319.

Index. 321-328.



Volume 162 (2013)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. vii.

Presidential Address: ‘Six Anglesey Houses’. By David Longley. 1-18.

‘Recent work on round barrows and cairns in Wales ‘. By W. J. Britnell. 19-32.

‘The excavation of two Bronze Age round barrows at Pant y Butler, Llangoedmor, Ceredigion, 2009-10’. By Ken Murphy and Frances Murphy. 33-66.

‘The excavation of Fan round barrow, near Talsarn, Ceredigion, 2010-11’. By Duncan Schlee. 67-104.

‘Fan Foel round barrow, Mynydd Du, South Wales : archaeological excavation and palaeoenvironmental analysis, 2002-04’. By Gwilym Hughes and Ken Murphy. 105-146.

‘ Cairns , coneys and commoners on Llanelwedd Rocks, Radnorshire’. By William J. Britnell. 147-273.

‘Pollen analysis at Craig y Dullfan and Banc Wernwgan and other recent palaeoenvironmental studies in Wales ‘. By Astrid E. Caseldine. 275-307.

‘Welsh medieval freestanding crosses’. By Robert J. Silvester. 309-337.

‘Piety and power: the tomb and legacy of John Marshall, bishop of Llandaff 1478-96’. By Madeleine Gray. 339-349.

Reviews. 351-375

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2012. 376-383.

Obituary [Hugh Morgan]. 384-386.

Reports on Meetings. 386-423.

Grants and Awards. 423-425.

Financial Statements 2012. 426.

Officers 2011-12. 427-428.

Subscriptions. 429.

The Association’s Library. 429.

Publications for sale. 429-430.

Index. 431-440.



Volume 161 (2012)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Notes on the President. vii.

Presidential Address: ‘The aristocratic residence in the Plantagenet world: halls, chambers and towers’. By Gwyn Meirion-Jones. 1-49.

‘Excavations at Carreg Coetan Arthur chambered tomb, Pembrokeshire’. By Sian Rees. 51-163.

‘Large late Neolithic and early Bronze Age ring-ditches in Wales ‘. By W. J. Britnell and N. W. Jones. 165-198.

‘A hippocamp pottery mould from Plas Coch, Wrexham?’. By Robert Hopkins. 199-201.

‘Excavation of a Romano-British roundhouse at Rhiwgoch, Harlech’. By Jane Kenney. 203-231.

‘Roman coin hoard and enclosure at Jamesford, near Montgomery ‘. By Richard Hankinson, Ian Grant, Nigel Jones, William J. Britnell, Edward Besly, Peter V. Webster, Astrid E. Caseldine and Catherine J. Griffiths. 233-248.

‘Excavations at Ysgol yr Hendre, Llanbeblig, Caernarfon: a possible construction camp for Segontium fort and early medieval cemetery’. By Jane Kenney and Laura Parry. 249-284.

‘Excavations at Erglodd, Llangynfelyn, Ceredigion: prehistoric/Roman lead smelting site and medieval trackway’. By Nigel Page, Gwilym Hughes, Richard Jones and Ken Murphy. 285-356.

‘ Gresham Revisited: a fresh look at the medieval monuments of north Wales ‘. By Brian Gittos and Moira Gittos. 357-388.

‘ “Awaiting a Daniel for interpretation”: the Tudor church screen at Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire ‘. By Nicholas Riall. 389-409.

Reviews. 411-430.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2011. 431-440.

Obituary [Peter Smith]. 441-443.

Reports on Meetings. 443-460.

Grants and Awards. 460-463.

Financial Statements 2011. 464.

Officers 2011-12. 465-466

Subscriptions. 467.

The Association’s Library. 467.

Publications for sale. 467-468.

Index. 469-480.



Volume 160 (2011)

Editorial note, iv.

Notes on the contributors, iv.

Notes on the President, vii.

Presidential Address: ‘The Cambrians, Georgians and Goths: influences upon the restoration of St David’s Cathedral’. By J. Wyn Evans. 1-2.

‘Romans, Silures and Ordovices: the experience of low intensity warfare in Wales ‘. By Vincenzo Bellino. 13-38.

‘Abermawr Romano-British villa, Ceredigion, mid Wales : Interim report on its discovery and excavation’. By Toby G. Driver and Jeffrey L. Davies. 39-50.

‘Roman settlement at Plas Coch, Wrexham: excavations 1994-96’. By Nigel W. Jones. 51-114.

‘A LiDAR survey of Skokholm Island , Gateholm Islet and the Marloes Peninsular, Pembrokeshire’. By Oliver Davis. 115-132.

‘Two early medieval cemeteries in Pembrokeshire: Brownslade Barrow and West Angle Bay ‘. By Polly Groom, Duncan Schlee, Gwylim Hughes, Pete Crane, Neil Ludlow and Ken Murphy. 133-204.

‘Llywelyn’s Hall at Conwy’. By J. Beverley Smith. 205-218.

‘Monumental history: funerary monuments and public memory’. By Edward Parry. 291-234.

‘Octavius Morgan: jounal of a tour through North Wales in 1821’. By Dai Moran Evans. 235-264.

Reviews. 265-289.

Periodical Literature on Wales . 290-298.

Obituary. 298-299.

Reports on Meetings. 299-322.

Grants and Awards. 323-326.

Financial Statements 2010. 326.

Officers 2010-11. 327-329.

Subscriptions. 329.

The Association’s Library. 329.

Publications for sale. 329.

Index. 331-343.



Volume 159 (2010)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘The Heads of the Valleys: 250 years of landscape change’. By Richard Keen. 1-52.

‘The excavation of a coastal promontary fort at Porth y Rhaw, Solva, Pembrokeshire 1995-98’. By Peter Crane and Kenneth Murphy. 53 -98.

‘Roman bronze paterae from Llanberis’. By John Ll. W. Williams. 99 -116.

‘ An early medieval settlement, iron smelting site and crop-processing complex at South Hook, Herbranston, Pembrokeshire’. By Peter Crane and Kenneth Murphy’.117 -196

‘Early medieval ecclesiastical wealth of Wales AD 600-1080’. By Holly Cross. 197 -220.

‘The medieval episcopal monuments in Llandaff Cathedral’. By Rhianydd Biebrach. 221 -240.

‘The Cistercians in West Wales II. Ceredigion’. By David H. Williams. 241 -286.

Reviews. 287-301.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2009. 302-310.

Obituary. 311-313.

Reports on Meetings. 314-327.

Grants and Awards. 328-330.

Financial Statements 2009. 331.

Officers 2009-10. 332-333.

Subscriptions. 334.

The Association’s Library. 334.

Publications for sale. 334-335.

Index. 336-346.



Volume 158 (2009)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Notes on the President. vi

Presidential Address: ‘What’s in a name? Naming patterns in medieval Wales . By A. D. C arr. 1-18.

‘Womaston Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Powys: survey and excavation 2008’. By Nigel W. Jones. 19-42.

Meusydd timber circles and ring-ditch, Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, Powys: excavation and survey, 2007. By Nigel W. Jones. 43-68.

‘New evidence for monument reuse in Bronze Age Wales: archaeological excavation at Llanymynech, Powys, 2007’. By Kevin Colls and John Halstead . 69 -96.

‘Mapping Isca : geophysical investigation of School Field and Priory Field, Caerleon’. By Peter Guest and Tim Young . 97-112.

‘Excavations on the defences of Caerleon Legionary Fortress in 1982’. By H. E. M. Cool, Howard Mason and Philip Macdonald. 113-130.

‘A Roman enclosure at Crickhowell Road , Trowbridge, Cardiff . Evaluation and excavation 2005-06’. By Mark Brett, E. R. McSloy and Neil Holbrook. 131-166.

‘Excavations at Tywyn y Capel, Trearddur Bay , Anglesey , 1997 and 2002-03’. By Andrew Davidson. 167 -224.

‘Cytir and Crosses: the archaeological landscape of the parish of Dinas’. By Rhiannon Corneau . 225 -278 .

Reviews. 255-278.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2008. 279-285.

Obituary. 286-287.

Reports on Meetings. 288-317.

Grants and Awards. 318-320.

Financial Statements 2008. 321.

Officers 2008-09. 322.

Subscriptions. 324.

The Association’s Library. 324.

Publications for sale. 324.

Index. 326-330.



Volume 157 (2008)

Editorial note. v

Notes on the contributors.v

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address. ‘The emergence of the architectural profession in Wales ‘. By Thomas Lloyd. 1-8.

‘Recent excavations at Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai, near Bangor , North Wales ‘. By Jane Kenney. 9-142.

‘A small Late Bronze Age ribbed socketed axe from Bryn Pydew, Sir Conwy’. By J. Ll. W. Williams.143-152.

‘An Early Medieval penannular brooch from Ty’n y Coed, Pentraeth, Anglesey ‘. By Nancy Edwards. 153-156.

‘Ty-draw, Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr, Powys – a late medieval cruck-framed hallhouse-longhouse’. By William J. Britnell, Robert J. Silvester, Richard Suggett, and Eurwyn Wiliam.157-202.

‘The Mansells, the Bassetts and the rebuilding of Oxwich and Old Beaupré Castles ‘. By Chris Phillpotts and Rick Turner. 203-270.

Reviews. 271-292.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2007. 293-300.

Reports on Meetings. 301-314.

Grants and Awards. 315-318.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2007 . 319-322.

Officers 2007-08. 323-324.

Subscriptions. 325.

The Association’s Library. 325

Publications for sale. 325.

Index. 327-338.



Volume 156 (2007)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Presidential Address: ‘The restoration of castles in Wales as ruins: philosophy and practice’. By Richard Avent. 1-24.

‘Crugiau Bach and Llorfa stone circles, Brecknock’. By Nigel W. Jones. 25-32.

‘From antiquarianism to archaeology: the genesis and achievement of the Royal Commission’s Anglesey volume’. By David M. Browne. 33-50.

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‘Welsh scratch dials’. By William Linnard. 141-148.

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Volume 155 (2006)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President.

Presidential Address: ‘Fragile Heritage: the archaeology of the early Roman campaigns in Wales and the borderland’. By Jeffrey L. Davies. 1-22.

‘Excavation of Neolithic pits, three ring-ditches and a palisaded enclosure at Cwm Meudwy, Llandysul, Ceredigion, 2003’. By Kenneth Murphy and Robert T. J. Evans. 23-48.

‘A Late Iron Age and Roman Farmstead at RAF St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan. Evaluation and Excavation 2002 – 03’. By Alistair Barber, Simon Cox and Annette Hancocks. 49-116.

‘Mapping Isca : geophysical investigation of Priory Field, Caerleon’. By Peter Guest and Tim Young. 117-134.

‘Conversion, Christianity, and the Late Roman transition in South-East Wales ‘. By Andrew Seaman . 135-142.

‘Maen Achwyfan and the context of Viking settlement in north-east Wales ‘. By David Griffiths. 143-162.

‘St Gwynllyw’s Cathedral, Newport : the Romanesque archway’. By J. K. Knight and Rita Wood. 163-186.

‘Some recent finds from Wales : an early medieval brooch from Powys and three medieval artefacts from south Wales ‘. By Mark Redknap. 187-190.

Reviews. 191-216.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2005. 217-224.

Reports on Meetings. 225-241.

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Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2005 . 243-248.

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Volume 154 (2005)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii.

Presidential Address: ‘R. W. Banks and the Cambrian Archaeological Association’. By R. W. D. Fenn. 1-16.

Cistercians in Wales and the West:

‘Preface to Cistercians in Wales and the West’. By Madeleine Gray. 17-26.

‘ Homines sanctitatis eximiae, religionis consummatae : the Cistercians in England and Wales ‘. By Janet Burton. 27-50.

‘The location and siting of Cistercian houses in Wales and the West’. By James Bond. 51-80.

‘Patrons and patronage among the Cistercians in Wales ‘. By Huw Pryce. 81-96.

‘A better and frugal life’: Llanllugan and the Cistercian women’s houses in Wales . By Madeleine Gray and John Morgan-Guy. 97-114.

‘Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester (the Red Earl) and the Cistercians of south-east Wales ‘. By F. G. Cowley. 115-124.

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‘Conservation and investigation at Cwmhir Abbey, Powys’. By Sian E. Rees , Nigel W. Jones and Robert J. Silvester. 133-152.

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‘Ruined abbeys in romantic landscapes’. By Donald Moore. 179-214.

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Periodical Literature on Wales , 2004. 235-243.

Obituaries. 244-248.

Reports on Meetings. 249-272.

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Volume 153 (2004)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii

Presidential Address: ‘From Antiquarianism to Archaeology’. By Muriel E. Chamberlain. 1 -12.

‘A newly discovered Roman marching camp at Pen Plaenau in the Berwyn mountains’. By Hugh Toller. 13 -22.

‘The inscribed stones of Llanaelhaearn Church , Gwynedd, and the significance of their places of discovery’. By Robert T. J. Evans. 23 -36.

‘The medieval bishops’ effigies at Llandaff Cathedral’. By Madeleine Gray. 37 -50.

‘The royal apartments in the inner ward at Conwy Castle ‘. By Jeremy Ashbee. 51 -72.

‘The name Baddegai, near Brecon’. By Andrew Breeze. 73 -74.

‘Castell Blaenllynfi, Brecknock: a Marcher castle and its landscape’. By Robert J. Silvester, Paul Courtney and Sian E. Rees . 75 -104.

‘Architecture and the development of Beaumaris in the nineteenth centur’. By Richard Hayman. 105 -124.

‘Dimlands, Llantwit Major: a small-scale gentry house in Glamorgan’. By Hilary M. Thomas. 125 -142.

Reviews. 143-170.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2003. 171-179.

Obituaries. 180-182.

Reports on Meetings. 183-201.

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The Blodwen Jerman Competition: its history and aims. 203-211.

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Volume 152 (2003)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘Back to the Future’. By Geoffrey Wainwright. 1-8.

‘Three Castles of the Clare family in Monmouthshire during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries’. By S. G. Priestley and R. C. Turner. 9-52.

‘Urban and commercial networks in the later middle ages: Chepstow, Severnside and the ports of southern Wales ‘. By Spencer Dimmock. 53-68.

‘Thomas Thomas, 1817-88: the first national architect of Wales ‘. By Stephen Hughes. 69-166.

Reviews. 167-182.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2002. 183-191.

Obituary. 192-194.

Reports on Meetings. 195-208.

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Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2002 . 212-216.

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Volume 151 (2002)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘ ‘From the Welsh Good Lord Deliver Me’: soldiers, papists and civilians in Civil War Monmouthshire’. By Jeremy K. Knight. 1-18.

‘The Elijah Panel in St David’s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire and its provenance’. By Michael Eastham. 19-40.

‘Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire: a Cistercian site re-examined, 1994-99’. By Neil Ludlow. 41 -108.

‘The Sisters’ House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence’. By Helen Nicholson. 109 -138.

‘A history and survey of Haroldston House and gardens, Pembrokeshire: an unexcavated manorial complex’. By Roger Turvey. 139 -158.

Reviews. 159-182.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2001. 183-190.

Obituary. 191-192.

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Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2001 . 212-216.

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Constitution of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. 221-229

Index. 230-238.



Volume 150 (2001)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Presidential Address: ‘ The Cambrians and the Railways: one hundred and fifty years of links’. By Keith P. Mascetti. 1-16.

‘A prehistoric and early medieval complex at Llandegai, near Bangor , North Wales ‘. By Frances Lynch and Chris Musson. 17 -142.

‘A Roman Will from North Wales ‘. By R. S. O. Tomlin. 143 -156.

Reviews. 157-184.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2000. 185-192.

Obituaries. 193-201.

Reports on Meetings. 202-213.

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Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2000 . 216-220.

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