Ebrill 4, 2018

Archaeologia Cambrensis

Cynnwys cyfrolau o Archaeologia Cambrensis

Rhoddir crynodeb o brif gynnwys cyfrolau diweddar o’r cyfnodolyn.


Cyfrol 153 (2004)

Presidential Address: From Antiquarianism to Archaeology. By Muriel E Chamberlain

A newly discovered Roman marching camp at Pen Plaenau in the Berwyn mountains. By Hugh Toller

The inscribed stones of Llanaelhaearn Church, Gwynedd, and the significance of their places of discovery. By Robert T J Evans

The medieval bishops’ effigies at Llandaff Cathedral. By Madeleine Gray

The royal apartments in the inner ward at Conwy Castle. By Jeremy Ashbee

The name Baddegai, near Brecon. By Andrew Breeze

Castell Blaenllynfi, Brecknock: a Marcher castle and its landscape. By Robert J Silvester, Paul Courtney and Sian E Rees

Architecture and the development of Beaumaris in the nineteenth century. By Richard Hayman

Dimlands, Llantwit Major: a small-scale gentry house in Glamorgan. By Hilary M Thomas


Cyfrol 152 (2003)

Presidential Address: Back to the Future. By Geoffrey Wainwright

Three Castles of the Clare family in Monmouthshire during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. By S. G. Priestley and R. C. Turner

Urban and commercial networks in the later middle ages: Chepstow, Severnside and the ports of southern Wales. By Spencer Dimmock

Thomas Thomas, 1817–88: the first national architect of Wales. By Stephen Hughes


Periodical Literature on Wales, 2002


Cyfrol 151 (2002)

Presidential Address: ‘From the Welsh Good Lord Deliver Me’: soldiers, papists and civilians in Civil War Monmouthshire. By Jeremy K Knight

The Elijah Panel in St David’s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire and its provenance. By Michael Eastham

Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire: a Cistercian site re-examined, 1994–99. By Neil Ludlow

The Sisters’ House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence. By Helen Nicholson

A history and survey of Haroldston House and gardens, Pembrokeshire: an unexcavated manorial complex. By Roger Turvey


Periodical Literature on Wales, 2001


Cyfrol 150 (2001)

Presidential Address: The Cambrians and the Railways: one hundred and fifty years of links. By Keith P. Mascetti

A prehistoric and early medieval complex at Llandegai, near Bangor, North Wales. By Frances Lynch and Chris Musson

A Roman Will from North Wales. By R S O Tomlin


Periodical Literature on Wales, 2000


Cyfrol 149 (2000)

A pagan celtic background for sheela-na-gigs? By Etienne Rynne

A sheela-na-gig from Llanon, Llansanffraid, Ceredigion. By Michael Freeman

St Cristiolus’ churchyard, Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire: a post-conquest cist cemetery. By Neil Ludlow

Some Irish/Welsh Methodist Links. By D A Levistone Cooney

The progress of ecclesiology and ritualism in Wales. By Nigel Yates

Stephen W. Williams of Penralley 1833-1889. By R W D Fenn and J B Sinclair

The Ham, Llantwit Major: a Wyatt house and historic garden in the Vale of Glamorgan. By Hilary M. Thomas

A pebble hammer from Trerew Brook, Little Berth-Glyd farm, Llantilio Crossenny, Monmouthshire. By Graham A Makepeace

The Ogmore helmets: Theophilus Redwood’s memories of the find-spot. By L A Toft

A puzzle picture at Abbey House, Strata Florida, Ceredigion. By Christopher Davson


Periodical Literature, 1999