Sat. OCTOBER 19th 2019, 9.15am – 5.00pm

Venue : John Percival Building, Cardiff University, Cardiff

We were asked to help the Society for Landscape Studies to develop this Day School in association with their AGM in Cardiff in October. The SLS would be delighted if lots of Cambrians were to join them.

0910-0940 Registration

0940 Welcome and administrative issues.

0950 Bill Britnell : Location, Location, Location: Neolithic monuments in the Walton Basin

1030 Dr. Peter Guest & Leah Reynolds : The impact of the Roman Army on the Landscape of Wales

1120 Light Refreshments

1140 David Austin : Strata Florida: the Sacred Landscapes Project

1220 Evan T. Jones University of Bristol : The Severn Sea in the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries

1300 Buffet Lunch and Society for Landscape Studies AGM

1400 Shaun Evans (ISWE) and Philip Nanney Williams (author) : Estate landscapes in Wales

1450 Speaker from CPAT : The Minera Project. (TBC)

1530 Light Refreshments.

1550 Dr Eurwyn Wiliam : Building a house on sand

1630 – 1700 Further questions and discussion

The cost will be £26 for CAA members and £28 for others. This includes lunch and refreshments. Please fill in the Booking Form below and send it to:

Brian Rich (SLS), 11 Adams Grove, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 8NX

Any enquiries: please email


Download Booking Form.