June 9, 2023

Darganfod-Discovery 2023 Talks


Presentations from Darganfod-Discovery 2023, a day dedicated to fascinating recent work on the archaeology of Wales and the Marches, held in conjunction with Cardiff University on 1st April 2023. This online conference was the second in our series of biennial conferences which showcased the work of winners of Cambrian Archaeological Association’s G. T. Clark and Dissertation (Gwobr Archaeoleg) prizes as well as work supported by the CAA Research Fund. The event also featured presentations by early career researchers. Speakers (in on-the-day order): Dr Jane Kenney; Tudur Davies, Oliver Davis, Stephen Rippon, Andrew Seaman and Niall Sharples; Chris Griffiths; Emma Wager (not shown on You Tube); Dan Hunt; David Hopewell; Megan Kimmelshue; Katie Hemer (not shown on You Tube); Meredith Hood (not shown on You Tube); Andy Seaman; Deanna Groom.

Please note that not all of the talks are available on YouTube due to research in progress and copyright considerations. More information about the talks can be found on the event page: https://cambrians.org.uk/darganfod-discovery-conference-saturday-1st-april-2023/


Darganfod-Discovery 2023 Talks – Link to YouTube Conference page



Darganfod 2023: Jane Kenney

Dr Jane Kenney, Senior Archaeologist at Gwynedd Archaeological Trust and winner of the CAA 2022 G.T. Clark Award (Prehistory) on ‘A Welsh Landscape through Time: Excavations at Parc Cybi, Holy Island, Anglesey’.



Darganfod 2023: Tudur Davies, Oliver Davis, Stephen Rippon and Niall Sharples

Dr Tudur Davies, Dr Oliver Davis, Prof Stephen Rippon, Dr Andrew Seaman and Prof Niall Sharples on ‘Beneath the Vale: pollen evidence near Caerau causewayed enclosure and its implications for the beginning of the Neolithic in south Wales’.



Darganfod 2023: Chris Griffiths

Mr Chris Griffiths, an AHRC funded PhD candidate from the University of Reading and Amgueddfa Cymru Cardiff, Wales on ‘A hoard from Llanddeusant Community, Carmarthenshire, and its place in Late Bronze Age south Wales’.



Darganfod 2023: Dan Hunt

Mr Dan Hunt, winner of the CAA 2022 Gwobr Archaeoleg Cambrian Archaeological Award Dissertation Prize, on ‘Living on the Brink of Coasts and Calamity – Understanding the Promontory Forts of Pembrokeshire’.



Darganfod 2023: David Hopewell

Mr David Hopewell, Senior Archaeologist at Gwynedd Archaeological Trust on ‘Continuity and Change at Tre’r Ceiri Hillfort’.



Darganfod 2023: Megan Kimmelshue

Ms Megan Kimmelshue, PhD Candidate at Bangor University on ‘Landscape of Myth and Memory: the archaeology of Dinas Dinlle’.



Darganfod 2023: Andy Seaman

Dr Andy Seaman, Lecturer in Early Medieval Archaeology at the University of Cardiff, on ‘Fonmon Castle Landscape Project: results from the first two years of survey and excavation’.



Darganfod 2023: Deanna Groom

Ms Deanna Groom, Senior Investigator (Maritime) for RCAHMW and PhD candidate at the University of Bangor on ‘Historic Shipwrecks and the Impacts of Climate Change’.