CAA Website Quiz

With so many members at home, we have put together a Cambrians ‘Lockdown Quiz’ which will go up on the website and will run daily with one question a day starting on Friday 3rd April.

There will be 10 questions in all each accompanied by a photo of a site, monument or artefact which the Cambrians have visited in the fairly recent past. The only clue will be the year in which the visit took place. So if the picture is not immediately recognizable, or if memory fails, or you weren’t at the relevant Meeting, a bit of research in our Past Events archive should get you to the answer. The answers will be given at the end.

Then we’ll invite those of you who got 10 correct answers to email Heather and they will be congratulated by the Chairman at the AGM, which we are still hopeful we can hold in Cowbridge. We trust you!

We hope this will provide some happy memories, involve a bit of brushing up on our knowledge of our Welsh heritage, our trips to England and of course for all of us francophiles we include a trip across La Manche, even if only a virtual one for the time being. This will also encourage us to anticipate what we have planned for the next few years, when we will have come through this most difficult of times and once again it will be ‘Out with the Cambrians’.

Heather James
General Secretary CAA

You can access the quiz here.