Message from Frances Lynch Llewellyn

Frances Lynch Llewellyn  has sent a message about our Annual Newsletter. She says:

You will have noticed that the Cambrians’ Newsletter has not yet dropped on your doorstep, but it will be distributed (with the List of Members) around the middle of February when we hope that the future will be clearer and any particular arrangements and requirements will be known with greater certainty.

It will contain details of our Day School on recent research in Wales (Darganfod) which will be online; on our postponed Summer Meeting in Lincoln (renewed and new bookings please) and our new Autumn Weekend in October which will celebrate our 175th Anniversary, of which there will be more details on this website soon.

Could you pass this message on to any local Cambrians whom you know, who do not have e-mail.

With best wishes for a better year in 2021